A  fully automatic trading software, that scans the market over 50 times a sec, the moment it finds an abnormal behavior of one of the cryptocurrencies assets, its immediately detect the trade and automatically places it on your behalf.  

the system has been invented in wall street, by a technology that based on the “black box”. It is an advanced algorithm that does technical analysis. We are as a cryptocurrencies brokerage, have our analysts that based in Switzerland, they will do the fundamental part of the analysis (based on financial events) and they will inject the data into the software-in order for you the get something called a “purified trade”.

Even though it is a fully automatic software,. You have the ability to choose how much capital to expose on a daily basis. (you can even go very “conservative” in case that it is your first time trading). You will manipulate the software to your own needs, even with a mobile application!